4 Ways to Celebrate Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s 85th Anniversary

4 Ways to Celebrate Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s 85th Anniversary

The iconic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver has been a cornerstone of luxury and elegance in the heart of Vancouver for 85 years. As we commemorate this milestone, there are countless ways to immerse yourself in the history and grandeur of this beloved hotel. Whether you’re a history buff, a culinary enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique experience, there’s something special for everyone. Here are some delightful ways to celebrate Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s 85th anniversary.


1. Savor a Dinner Through the Decades

Take a nostalgic culinary journey through the decades with a special dining experience that celebrates the hotel’s rich history. “Dinner Through the Decades” offers a menu that highlights the most popular dishes from each era, reimagined with a modern twist by the hotel’s talented chefs.

Menu Highlights:

  • 1940s: Pureé Garbure Soup, a nod to the hotel’s early days.
  • 1960s: Tenderloin of Beef Minute, reflecting the opulence of mid-century dining.
  • 1990s: Old Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake, a tribute to the indulgent 90s.
  • Present Day: Farm-to-table creations that showcase the best of contemporary culinary trends.

Pro Tip: Enhance your meal with expertly selected wine pairings that complement each dish, making your dining experience even more memorable.

2. Experience the Omega Timeless Icons

Step into a world of elegance and precision with the Omega Timeless Icons Experiences. This exclusive hotel package offers guests the chance to indulge in luxury while celebrating Omega’s iconic timepieces, known for their impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design.

Package Highlights:

  • A stay in a beautifully appointed suite with stunning city views.
  • A private consultation and viewing of iconic timepieces in the OMEGA Boutique.
  • A special Omega timepiece to commemorate your stay.

Pro Tip: This package is perfect for watch enthusiasts and those looking for a unique and luxurious experience during their visit to Vancouver.

3. Indulge in the Emily Carr Afternoon Tea

What better way to celebrate the hotel’s anniversary than by indulging in an afternoon tea inspired by one of Canada’s most famous artists, Emily Carr? This unique tea experience, in partnership with the Vancouver Art Gallery, is titled “Into The Forest with Emily Carr” and pays homage to Carr’s vibrant and bold artwork, with a selection of teas and treats that reflect her adventurous spirit and deep connection to nature.


  • A curated selection of teas, including blends exclusive to Fairmont.
  • Artistically designed pastries and sandwiches inspired by Emily Carr’s renowned work.
  • A beautiful setting that evokes the artistic and natural beauty of Carr’s most recognized pieces.

4. Stay in a Signature Suite

For the ultimate anniversary celebration, book a stay in one of Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s luxurious signature suites. The recently-renovated 14th floor Heritage Suites are especially noteworthy, as they were the accommodations for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth during their 1939 visit to open the hotel.


  • Spacious rooms with elegant decor and stunning city views.
  • Exclusive access to the Fairmont Gold Lounge, where you can enjoy complimentary breakfast, evening canapés, and more.
  • Personalized concierge service to cater to your every need.

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s 85th anniversary is a milestone worth celebrating. Whether you’re enjoying a curated afternoon tea, exploring the history of iconic timepieces, or savoring a meal that takes you back in time, there’s no shortage of ways to commemorate this special occasion.

Join us in celebrating 85 years of elegance, luxury, and unforgettable moments at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

Your Questions, Answered:

How old is the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver?

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is 85 years old as of 2024. This iconic hotel has stood as a symbol of luxury and elegance in the heart of Vancouver for over eight decades. Throughout its history, the hotel has not only provided lavish accommodations and exceptional service but has also played a significant role in the city’s cultural and social landscape. Its age is a testament to its enduring appeal and the timeless quality of its offerings.


When did the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver open?

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver officially opened its doors on May 29, 1939. The grand opening was marked by the presence of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, who were on a royal tour of Canada. This event not only highlighted the hotel’s importance but also placed it on the international stage. The hotel’s opening was a significant moment in Vancouver’s history, representing a new era of sophistication and growth for the city. Since then, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver has continued to be a premier destination for visitors from around the world.

Why is Fairmont Hotel Vancouver famous?

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is famous for its historic and luxurious accommodations, having hosted numerous dignitaries and celebrities over the years. It’s an iconic landmark in Vancouver, known for its architectural grandeur, rich history, and its central role in the city’s cultural and social life. The hotel is also celebrated for its elegant dining experiences, luxurious amenities, and its significant role in the development of Vancouver as a major metropolitan city.


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