• The Langara & Bowen Island Boardrooms at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Meetings at Hotel Vancouver

Reflecting the expectations of a world-class city, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is proud to offer professional meeting facilities supported by a comprehensive array of state-of-the-art services. Our in-house Vancouver event planners offer expert knowledge in planning events that are unparalleled successes. Designed to host an executive meeting for 12 or a professional conference for 1000, the hotel offers 63,000 square feet of meeting space.


Custom catering menus
63,000 sq. ft of meeting space
In-house meeting and event professionals

The Cortes Island Room, a meeting space at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Meeting Venues

Designed to host an executive meeting for 12 or a professional conference for 1000, the hotel offers 63,000 square feet of meeting space.


The Tweedsmuir Room is 836 sq. ft. with an 11' ceiling and windows that provide natural light. Ideal for a small meeting, reception or as a breakout room.
72 GuestsBanquet Menu836 sq. ft.

Pender Island

The Pender Island Room is 1,535 sq. ft. with windows that provide natural light.
60 GuestsBanquet Menu1,535 sq. ft.

Saltspring Island Room

The Saltspring Island Room is 1,953 sq. ft. and features two airwalls for optional division, offering six different configurations. The room provides natural light from windows that overlook the historic Vancouver Art Gallery.
170 GuestsBanquet Menu1,953 sq. ft.


The Lions Room is 310 sq. ft. with an 11' ceiling and natural light.
20 GuestsBanquet Menu310 sq. ft.


The Waddington Room is 2,000 sq. ft. with an 11' 6" ceiling and windows for natural light. The room connects to the Pacific Ballroom, and is perfect for a standalone function, breakout meeting or staging area.
200 GuestsBanquet Menu2,000 sq. ft.

Denman Island

The Denman Island Room is 494 sq. ft. and is ideal for a small meeting or breakout room.
40 GuestsBanquet Menu494 sq. ft.

Quadra Island

The Quadra Island Room is 526 sq. ft. and is ideal for a small meeting or breakout session.
48 GuestsBanquet Menu526 sq. ft.

Edgecomb Island

The Edgecomb Island Room is 308 sq. ft. and offers natural light, and a built in tv screen for presentations. It's ideal for a breakout meeting or conference office.
25 GuestsBanquet Menu308 sq. ft.

Cortes Island

The Cortes Island Room is 722 sq. ft. with windows providing natural light. It's ideal for a small meeting, breakout room or small group meals.
70 GuestsBanquet Menu722 sq. ft.


The Boardroom is 1,224 sq. ft. with an 18 foot ceiling and opulent chandelier. Luxurious gold drapes surround five Palladian windows on two sides of the room, giving an abundance of natural light; retractable blackout blinds are inset to aid visual presentations. Entry is through two sets of double doors from a formal foyer overlooking the Grand Staircase.
150 GuestsBanquet Menu1,224 sq. ft.

Pacific Ballroom

The Pacific Ballroom is 6,900 sq. ft. featuring a soaring 23 ft. ceiling, dazzling crystal chandeliers, carpeted or wooden floor, and a formal stage. An abundance of natural light comes from the room's soaring windows. The ballroom has been updated with state-of-the-art sound, power, and computerized heating and cooling.
1,000 GuestsBanquet Menu6,900 sq. ft.

The Roof

Located on the 15th floor, The Roof is 5,200 sq. ft. with floor to ceiling windows offering amazing views of the city, mountains and water. Renovated in 2014, The Roof features a sunken bar, and a flexible dance floor can be added for a variety of setup options. The Roof is a one of a kind location under our iconic green copper roof at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.
300 GuestsBanquet Menu5,200 sq. ft.

Galiano Island

The Galiano Island Room is 884 sq. ft. and ideal for a small meeting, breakout room or small group meals.
40 GuestsBanquet Menu884 sq. ft.

Langara & Bowen Island Board Rooms

The Bowen Island Room and Langara Island Room are 308 sq. ft. permanent set boardrooms, each with a built-in tv screen for presenting.
14 GuestsBanquet Menu308 sq. ft.

British Columbia Ballroom

The BC Ballroom is 11,400 sq. ft. with a 14' 4" ceiling, and its own 5,500 sq. ft. foyer. The ballroom can be divided into two equal sections with double air walls for sound reduction. The British Columbia Ballroom has large chandeliers recessed into ceiling coves, complemented by blue and gold hand-finished carpet and decorative walls trimmed with moldings.
1,500 Guests Banquet Menu11,400 sq. ft.

Vancouver Island

The Vancouver Island Room is 2,500 sq. ft. with a 16 ft. ceiling carved and gilded ceiling. The perfect complement to the Pacific Ballroom featuring crystal chandeliers and matching marble fireplaces at each end of the room. This is a rectangular room with beveled corners giving the room an oval feel. Four sets of generous French doors, inset with mirrors, line the length of the room and provide access to the Pacific Ballroom adjoining foyer, or to the British Columbia Ballroom.
300 GuestsBanquet Menu2,500 sq. ft.

Saturna Island Room

The Saturna Island Room is 3,800 sq. ft. featuring an airwall for optional division.
325 GuestsBanquet Menu3,800 sq. ft.

Moresby Island

The Moresby Island Room is 690 sq. ft. and offers natural light from windows that overlook Burrard St. below. It's ideal for a small meeting, breakout room or small group meals.
60 GuestsBanquet Menu690 sq. ft.
Overhead view of beautiful cheese and olive board at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Banquet Menus

The dedicated Culinary Team at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver offers custom menus, reflecting heritage and sustainability.

Beautiful cocktail at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Social Events

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is renowned for hosting prestigious events in a distinctively elegant setting.

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Happily ever after begins with a wedding at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Be part of our legacy when you celebrate the beginning of your journey at our landmark property in Vancouver.