The Fine Print

Please note that the F&B Menu pricing is subject to change. Final food and beverage prices will be confirmed (up to three months) in advance of your scheduled function. The Hotel reserves the right to change prices due to current market conditions.

In order for us to ensure the availability of all chosen items, your menu selections are required a minimum of two weeks prior to the function date. To ensure that all catering requirements stipulated are confirmed by both parties, we ask the client to sign a copy of the Banquet Event Orders and return copies to the Conference Services and Catering office a minimum of 7 days prior to the event.

Final Guarantees are due 72 hours (3 business days) prior to the function by 12:00 p.m. (local time). The Hotel will prepare 3% more than the guarantee to a maximum of 20 meals. Guarantee increases within 72 hours may be subject to a 15% surcharge. The Hotel cannot guarantee that the same meal choice will be offered. The Hotel will not assume any responsibility for selling and/or collecting meal tickets.

In the event that any of the guests in your group have food allergies, you shall inform us in advance of the names of such persons and the nature of their allergies so we can take the necessary precautions when preparing their food. We undertake to provide, on request, full information on the ingredients of any items served to your group. Should you not provide the names of the guests and the nature of their food allergies, you shall indemnify and hold us forever harmless from, and against, any and all liability or claim of liability for any personal injury that does not occur as a direct result of our negligence or the negligence of any of our representatives. In the event of such negligence by us, or any of our representatives, we shall be responsible for all expenses reasonably incurred in the defense of such
liability or claim of liability. Food may contain nuts and/or allergens.

All food and beverages served in the Hotel are to be provided by the Hotel, with the exception of wedding cakes, for which a cake cutting fee will apply. No food and beverage of any kind will be permitted into the Hotel, including all public areas and all meeting rooms by the patrons guests. Due to liability restrictions, any food product company desiring to dispense samples to those attending the convention/event should approach the Hotel to make previous arrangements for the purchase of said products from the Hotel.

In accordance with Health and Safety Regulations, food and beverage products may not be removed from the Hotel after a function.

A minimum sale of $450 per bar, per hour is required or a labour charge of $150 per Hosted Bar, and $250 per Cash Bar will be applied.

B.C. Liquor Control and Licensing Branch laws govern all functions where liquor is served. In accordance with B.C. Liquor laws, all events must end liquor service at 1:00am Monday to Saturday and at 12:00 midnight on Sundays and holidays. The function space must be vacated 30 minutes later. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse beverage service to individuals in accordance with Serving it Right and LCBC safe service guidelines and regulations.

Signage in the Lobby and Public Areas is prohibited without the Hotels specific authorization. Signs may only be displayed outside your designated meeting room and on the floor of your meeting room. The Hotel does not permit any article to be fastened onto walls or electrical fixtures. The use of pins, tape, tacks, nails, screws, bolts or any tools, which could mark the floors, walls or ceilings is prohibited. We reserve the right to remove signs that are not prepared in a professional manner or are deemed unsightly. We reserve the right to inspect and control all private events. The client will be held responsible for any damages done prior to, during or following a function to the premises by himself, his guests or by independent contractors on his/her behalf.

Due to limited storage on property, we are unable to accept shipments any earlier than three (3) days prior to your event. Please coordinate the pickup of items immediately following your event as the Hotel is not responsible for damage to, or loss of, any articles left on the premises during or following an Event. All deliveries must be properly labeled. Please include the name of the group, group contact, hotel contact, number of boxes and date of event. A drayage charge for transporting box(es) to or from exhibit hall to loading dock will apply

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s top priority is the safety of our guests, colleagues and property. As such we have adopted the following policy with regards to live flame, smoke & haze. All events must abide by the following guidelines. Failure to comply will result in any and all damage, repairs and subsequent revenue loss being paid in full via the master account.

Prohibited, unless certified for indoor use by a hotel approved vendor, a fee of $750 for Fire Watch will apply to have the smoke alarms on bypass & event monitoring, a detailed plan must be provided to the hotel at least 2 weeks in advance that includes timing and setup in proximity to other elements in the space for review and approval by the Director of Conference Services & Catering and Executive Team. Please contact your Event Manager for a list of approved vendors. Plans submitted without at least 2 weeks notice will not be considered.

• Must be contained in a high walled holder with a chimney.
• No florals within one foot above candle flame.
• Open flame floor candles must not be near anything flammable, including drapes, table cloths, napkins, or other decorations.
• Caviar Candles/floating candles permitted on the floor with a minimum four inches from flame to top of the chimney.

• All decorations provided by the Hotel remain the property of the Hotel
• Must not obstruct access and/or view of exit signs and fire exits.
• Alternate Reflective exit signs must be used and provided by Vendor.
• Vendors are responsible for storing their equipment in a safe manner.
• Emergency exits cannot be blocked.
• Must permit at least 3.5 feet of space in any foot traffic area.
• Electrical wires must be neatly arranged and taped down, to avoid tripping. No wiring may impede doorways, must go over doors to prevent tripping hazard.

• Ultrasonic mist makers or vaporizers are permissible with prior approval two weeks before for fire panel bypass.
• All other fog/haze machines are restricted
• A Fee $750 for Fire Watch will apply to have the smoke alarms on bypass, a detailed plan must be provided to the hotel 2 weeks in advance that includes timing and setup in proximity to other elements in the space for review by the hotel team.
• Pressurized tanks (eg. Helium, Oxygen, CO2, etc.) must be secured in a holder

• Must be used sparingly, especially if there are open flames nearby.
• A $500 cleaning fee will be applied if confetti is found
• A $1500 cleaning feel will be applied if confetti is found in hard to clean areas (Chandeliers in Pacific Ballroom, most notably)
• Glitter is not permitted and will result in a $1500 cleaning fee if found post event

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is aligned with Accor Hotel’s vision to ban single-use plastics. As such, the following items are discouraged from meetings and events: balloons, confetti/glitter, vinyl wrap for dance floors. In keeping with Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s commitment to sustainability, we require that any waste is 100% removed from the hotel premise and disposed of off-site. A cleaning/disposal fee of $750.00 will apply for any non-recyclable/small particulate materials left at the venue.

It is the responsibility of the Group/event contact to ensure the function space is left in the same condition as it was provided. All boxes, packing materials and debris from event set-up or take-down must be removed and properly disposed of by the Group. Fairmont Hotel Vancouver will levy an additional cleaning/recycling fee of $750.00 for any waste deemed excessive and/or labor-intensive to clean up after an event.

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver has a Freight Elevator that is the primary elevator for load in of product, equipment and supplies for the entire hotel including events. In order to preserve the condition of the elevator it is now a requirement to have an operator scheduled. Operators need to be scheduled at least one week in advance of load in/out between the hours of 7am-11pm. Any load in/load out outside of these times will be subject to a $250 staffing surcharge.

All vendors working at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, on behalf of your event, must be certified, licensed, insured and adhere to all of Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s policies and procedures. Proof of vendor insurance may be requested by Fairmont Hotel Vancouver at any time. All event décor and shipments must arrive via the hotel loading bay, and not via the Hotel lobby. Please ask your Conference Services or Catering Manager for instructions to the loading bay at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

The Hotel will not assume responsibility for any loss or damage to items and materials brought into the Hotel. The Hotel, at its discretion, may require security for events at the cost to the client. The organizer is responsible for any damage to the premises by their invited guest(s) or independent contractors during the time the premises are under their control. Only Security services approved by the Hotel may be utilized. Any events for persons under the age of 19 years must have one security officer, at least one of which must be female, per one hundred (100) guests, for the full duration of the event.

All events with musical entertainment, live or recorded, are subject to both SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) and Re:Sound (Tariff 5 – Royalties collected for Public Performance of Sound Recordings) fees. The fees collected by these agencies are licensing fees and/or distributed as royalties to the original artists, and do not represent any revenue for the hotel. Both SOCAN and Re:Sound charges are based on room capacity authorized under the Hotel’s Liquor License, not on actual attendance of the

Encore Global Audio Visual, as our official audio visual contractor to the Hotel, maintains a fully staffed office in the Hotel. They provide complete audio visual planning services, skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment that are responsive to your every need. Microphones, sound equipment, videotape units, and a full range of other audio visual equipment is available on request at an additional charge.
Encore Audio Visual is the exclusive provider of Power Distribution Services & Meeting Room Internet connectivity at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Please make sure you verify with your outside audio visual, exhibit & entertainment suppliers of any electrical or internet requirements that may be required as there could be additional costs. Extra electricity & dedicated internet bandwidth can be arranged directly through Encore Audio Visual.
Additional information, including current pricing, regarding these services and equipment is available through your Catering Representative or by contacting Encore directly at [email protected] 604-443-1845.

Requests for additional staff will incur a labour charge of $55 per hour, per person with a 4 hour minimum charge. Please note that a minimum labor charge of $150 will apply for any set up changes required on site the day of the event which differ from the confirmed Banquet Event Orders.

All Food and Beverage functions are subject to a mandatory 22% surcharge, plus applicable taxes, of which 11.05% is a gratuity that is distributed to the Hotel’s servers and, as appropriate, other staff, and the remaining 10.95% is an administration fee retained entirely by the Hotel (and not distributed as wages, tips or gratuities to any Hotel employee). Room rental costs are subject to a 22% administration fee, which is retained by the Hotel (and not distributed as wages, tips or gratuities to any Hotel employee). The surcharge and administration fee are subject to 5% tax, which may change from time to time without notice. If you or your attendees wish to provide an additional gratuity to the Hotel’s staff, please feel free to do so. The mandatory surcharge will be posted to your Master Account. Government taxes are applicable as follows:
Food: 5% GST
Beer/Wine/Alcohol: 5% GST, 10% Liquor Tax
Miscellaneous: 5% GST
Audio Visual: 5% GST & 7% PST
Labour Charge: 5% GST
Surcharge: 5% GST